Eggs: eggsinbowlWe run a pre-paid monthly egg program where we delivered fresh delicious eggs weekly! Just like the milk man used to do! We also sell the surplus on Sundays during our petting farm hours of 10-2. Our eggs come from our happy, healthy, free-ranged chickens! Cost: $6/doz.

Fertilized Eggs: our fertilized eggs are hyline cross breeds from our free-ranging happy flock. All our birds are prolific layers and friendly. Our roosters are good with children and pretty. $12/doz

Day old Chicks: roughly once every two months we have day old chicks for sale for $6-$10 each, depending on breed. We often hatch silkies and other bantam breeds.



Rabbits: We are excited to offer dwarf Holland Lop cross bunnies this year! Weighing only 2-4lbs, these are the smallest of all lop eared bunnies. They should be broken in colour, and extra fluffy!!




Alpaca Fibre & Sheep’s Wool: During spring shearing season, we offer full coats of sheep’s wool and alpaca fibre for sale. Please contact for current price and availability.