Eggs: eggsinbowlWe run a pre-paid monthly egg program where we delivered fresh delicious eggs weekly! Just like the milk man used to do!  Our eggs come from our happy, healthy, free-ranged chickens! Cost: $6/doz.

Fertilized Eggs: our fertilized eggs are hyline cross breeds from our free-ranging happy flock. All our birds are prolific layers and friendly. Our roosters are good with children and pretty. $12/doz

Day old Chicks: roughly once every two months we have day old chicks for sale for $6-$10 each, depending on breed. We often hatch silkies and other bantam breeds.




Alpaca Fibre & Sheep’s Wool: During spring shearing season, we offer full coats of sheep’s wool and alpaca fibre for sale. Please contact for current price and availability.