Birthday Parties

Holly Hill Farm is a wonderful place to spend your child’s birthday. The party begins with the guests arriving to our covered picnic area where they are able to spend an hour doing the traditional ‘birthday’ things: cupcakes, finger foods, games, gifts and pinata’s are often involved. Afterwards, the party shifts into the barnyard for a fun, educational, and interactive farm tour!

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Photos by Erin Wallis Photography

As our animals free-range, the guests are able to walk amongst them; feeding, petting, and holding various barn yard creatures! We visit the ‘Hen Manor’ where the children are able to throw chicken scratch and watch the ninety or so chickens busily collect the seeds around them. The children are full of joy as they discover freshly laid eggs and are able to pet, and perhaps hold, a chicken. The tour also takes the guests through our heritage barn and introduces other farm animals including an alpaca, horse, pig, mini-donkeys, sheep, dwarf-goats, and ducks. Generally the most exciting portion is a visit with the bunnies: baby bunny snuggles can’t be beat!


During the farm tour, the children can also enjoy a tractor and hay ride! The rides are safe and suitable for children of all ages. The rides are optional and an additional $2 per child.

  • party cost: $105 for eight or less children. Parent’s and babies under 12m are free. Additional children welcome at $5 each. Hay rides are optional and additional $2 each
  • time: birthday parties are allotted 2 hours each, with additional set up/take down time. They are available for booking on Saturdays & Sundays from March through mid October.
  • additional info:
    • we do not host events or birthday parties from November through February, due to weather.
    • Covered picnic area includes access to our play area and pasture for fun and games
    • Optional fire pit rental: $20