Field Trips

An educational and enjoyable experience for all ages, Holly Hill Farm is a wonderful place to bring your class or group! We have covid-protocols in place, and welcome school aged children, as well as daycares and Strong Start groups to name a few. We are in town, so bussing is a snap, and our tours are guided and designed by elementary teacher, Katie Denne.


The field trip can be customized to your needs, and we encourage your cohort/buddy class to join in on the fun! This way, bussing is shared as is the expense! While one class enjoys the picnic and playground area, the second class is immersed in our free-ranging barnyard where they are able to hold chicks and baby bunnies, meet sheep, alpacas and mini goats, and pet our mini-donkey and horses.

  • cost: (5-9 children: $11 each) (10-15 children: $9.50 each) (16+ children: $8.50 each).  Hay rides are also available depending on weather.
  • length: 1-1hr 45 min
  • additional info: during our rainier days, students are asked to wear boots, and closed toed play shoes should be worn otherwise. In order to keep our animals and guests safe, we do not allow yelling or running on our farm. All students must be advised of these expectations.